A new staple?

I might be onto something here.

In my quest for the perfect plant-based staple food with complete protein I had my chilli con veg sorted and wasn’t looking anymore. But … the issue with it is that it takes ages to make and most of the time I am out of frozen left overs …

Anyhow. I had some spiced brown rice left over from yesterday and knew my body could use tons of protein. Beans here I come!

Butterbeans where half smashed to give some nice texture and together with sautéed onions and red kidney beans, loads of olive oil heated up. When I had mixed in the rice, it was quite bland and so I kept adding stuff. Next to cinnamon and chilli I added roasted tomato puree, oregano and more oil! In the end I though ‘what the heck’ and sprinkled nutritional yeast on top for added B12 and cheesieness.

I love it! I shall not forget this one.


Oh so yummy carbs

I am perfecting my purple broccoli and soba noodle mania … it’s just so easy. I’ve now optimized it to boil/steam the broccoli for 2-3 minutes … and then wait and then put it in the oven for 10 at 180.

Just pepper and olive oil is enough.

I used leeks to mix with the noodles with more olive oil and my fake terriyaki sauce. For which I skip the garlic (no garlic if there is a weekday following lol) and just mix ginger, 1 tsp honey and soy sauce and then caramelize it with the noodles and leeks in the pan. The broccoli comes on top and it’s so crispy and tasteful! I also got into roasting seeds alongside any veg and top it with salt. Omega3 is always good and I like the crunch and munch.

Vegan Mac and Cheese Surprise

Vegan, no tofu mac and cheese recipes are all over the place and so I finally tried it myself.

Of course I didn’t just stick with the recipe, I changed it and to my surprise it made a fantastic spread the next day!


The secret to it’s consistency are basically a potato soup and cashews as well as nutritional yeast.

I boiled the potatoes with 2 carrots and blended it with roasted garlic and onions. Then blended it with a couple of cashews, lemon juice and the nutritional yeast.

After a day in the fridge it has cream cheese like consistency and it also worked well mixing it again with pasta and baking it until it was crunchy.

I was also surprised how good brown rice pasta worked. Got delivered by accident, but I will get them again.

Good combination

The combination of purple sprouting broccoli with soba noodles and a quick honey/soy sauce worked well. While the broccoli was in the oven I roasted some cashews in olive oil and loads of salt! Can’t believe how much salt I sometimes want … but then I run a lot and don’t consume any processed foods …

The rest of this was eaten in the morning after my run – cold – and soooo delicious. Is that the trick to make me eat breakfast?


So happy that salad is making now more of an appearance in the weekly boxes including cucumbers and lovely radishes!

Adding in olive oil and grilled veg plus starch aka potatoes, I am hoping this satisfies my increased needs due to the running.

Never thought it can be so hard to keep weight up!

Happy about any suggestions on how to do this, as long  as it’s not sweet.

Mission: Energy

With all the energy bar recipe talk over in Wales and tons of nuts left for processing I decided to go for an experiment on my own. I decided to throw together all thing I long for and must go. The final taste worked well. What did I end up using?

Heated up: coconut oil, maple syrup, chunky peanut butter and cacao butter.

Chopped: almonds and hazelnuts

Dry stuff mixed: blended hazelnut lefovers, blended almonds, blueberry chia seeds, raw cacao powder,coconut flakes, ground flaxseeds and cacao seeds

Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg and salt

I like to roll out my energy bar mix on wax paper with a rolling pin and put it in the fridge before cutting and packaging.